Developing Ghana’s economic growth through proven construction methods

Amandi has been successfully delivering large-scale construction projects in Ghana for over a decade. From our base in Accra, we provide technically advanced civil and marine engineering solutions for a range of commercial and government clients. We are committed to the economic and social growth of Ghana through the use of engineering excellence and modern construction methods.

The significant rate at which Amandi has grown over the last ten years is the result of strong leadership and clear vision. An unrelenting focus on service delivery, maintaining quality standards and keeping our promises has also expanded our customer base significantly during this time. Today, Amandi serves many leading Ghanaian and West African companies and government departments,
including several international organizations operating in the region.

Delivering engineering excellence

Amandi’s construction expertise is unrivalled in Ghana, where we are a leading civil and marine engineering solutions provider with the capabilities to design, build and manage large-scale infrastructure projects and so meet the requirements of major organizations.

Amandi’s ambition is to assist the economic and social advancement of Ghana through the provision of sustainable buildings and other infrastructure that improves Ghana’s built environment. We are delighted to be part of the remarkable progression of the country during the past ten years and continue to support this through our use of proven design and build techniques.

Amandi's construction service is founded on a commitment to engineering excellence, which translates into efficient and aesthetically pleasing modern structures that blend harmoniously with the environment and that are compliant with local building regulations. We comply with the applicable international standards, implementing best practices from around the world.

Amandi deploys highly trained personnel who are committed to client care throughout the entire project lifecycle. Through our service-led approach, we always seek to deliver on time, to budget and to specification and always aim to exceed expectations. 

Ghana’s success is always a priority at Amandi

Amandi’s impressive service delivery record is achieved because we live up to the following values: safety, service, professionalism, quality, creativity, focus and delivery. These are at the center of everything we do, and our people actively embrace these values.

Our relationship with clients is highly valued, as is the trust clients place in us to meet their engineering requirements. Our employees are highly trained engineering experts who are committed to meeting your technical objectives. Equally, Amandi never loses sight of the reality of our vision: the economic viability of Ghana through the best use of modern building methods.

For our customers, this philosophy translates into:

  • Successful projects delivered on time, to budget and to specification
  • Maximum return on investment from infrastructure projects that support your business and organizational goals
  • Exceptional service from local engineers who apply knowledge gained from highly qualified international professionals to achieve Ghana’s growth.

Dedicated service from highly trained and professionally qualified engineers

Amandi employs engineers from local communities and elsewhere who are dedicated to their work and focused on helping Ghana adopt leading-edge engineering practices. Our service offering is unique in Ghana’s construction sector, because we are the only provider with a delivery-led culture that is embraced by our management and employees.

Our team’s creative approach to developing and deploying our services is underpinned by their professional qualifications and certifications. At Amandi we invest in our people by training them in line with accepted international standards and best practices. Whatever their role, we encourage our staff to improve their skills, and we support and encourage our local engineers to become professionally qualified. Through investment in learning, Amandi can supply highly trained and certified specialists in all of the engineering disciplines that we deliver.    

Proud to be a part of the modernization of Ghana’s built environment

Modern construction methods are fundamental to advancing living standards in Ghana. Amandi delivers large-scale housing, commercial and public sector developments through the use of alternative building technologies. Ghana’s housing stock, banking, retail, education, healthcare, government and utilities services are all benefiting from our implementation of new building concepts, design, technology and materials.

For over ten years, Amandi has been using contemporary building methods to construct a range of infrastructure solutions for corporations, governments, the public sector and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Ghana’s built environment is critical to its economic, social, and environmental advancement. Amandi is committed to the improvement of housing, commerce and transportation through the effective use of engineering best practice.

Other sectors that Amandi supports include:
aviation, defense, energy, oil and gas, marine and coastal, law enforcement, leisure, transportation, rail and hospitality.